“Bring me the sunset in a cup”

Emily Dickinson

     It had been raining for days.

      Weeks had gone by with barely a cloud-free day. It not only was drab and dreary outside but it was beginning to affect me on the inside. One evening the clouds broke and as I looked out my back window toward the eastern sky it turned a soft yellow and pink. I immediately realized that on the west side there must be a lovely sunset. Because my house is surrounded by trees in the front, I grabbed my keys and drove a block away to an open field to get a better look.

     The whole sky was glorious and as I stepped out of the car it seemed as if it was now raining color as great big drops of yellow, pink, purple and orange fell all around me. It was the most brilliant sunset that I had ever seen. And although it was the ending of that day it was the beginning of sunnier days. I just stood there soaking it up. If only I could have bottled that moment….

       A few evenings ago I stood in that same field and enjoyed another beautiful sunset.



6 responses »

  1. tonymccall says:

    So beautiful. Such a good picture.

  2. Pamela Case says:

    i oft wonder how many people actually stop and take the time to enjoy a sunset much less go the extra mile(block in this case) to do so. I am glad you did
    lovely shot 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous sunset! I needed to see that today, thanks!

  4. sandy says:

    So beautiful, and the perfect quote.

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