Greer Roller Mill, Missouri, in late October

Late October


the leaves of autumn

sprinkle down the tinny

sounds of little dyings

and skies sated

of ruddy sunsets

of roseate dawns

roil ceaselessly in

cobweb greys and turn

to black

for comfort

Only lovers

see the fall

a signal end to endings

a gruffish gesture alerting

those who will not be alarmed

that we begin to stop

in order simply

to begin



Maya Angelou


3 responses »

  1. I always love reading Maya but you photo intrigues me more! It is a really nice mix of fall color, sky, and the weathered building…love it!

    • Sheila says:

      Thank you. I love her poetry too. Such a wise woman. I mentioned in an earlier post that the old mill is undergoing renovations. So, it seems, the leaves are not alone in beginning again.

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